Media Network offers four basic workshops:

Studio Camera: Learn how to use video cameras in a studio setting, learn standard framing, movements, and techniques. This is a three hour workshop, after which we place volunteers into current shows being produced.Type your paragraph here.

Editing: Learn Sony Vegas non-linear editing, this is a basic course on how to organize, digitize, and put together a basic timeline, which includes graphics, music, and transitions. This is a three hour course, by appointment only.

Contact Media Network of Waterford at 248-682-8706 or 248-682-0401 to set up a workshop appointment.Type your paragraph here.

​​Master Control: Learn how to Direct, run audio, about set design and lighting. In this workshop everyone gets the chance to try it all as we shoot mock shows, and rotate positions. This work shop is three hours.Type your paragraph here.

Production Workshops

Type your paragraph here.Field Camera: Learn how to video tape in the field, with our field cameras. In this workshop we learn all menu functions, camera positions, the use of different microphones, and light kits. “This is a two hour class.