The Broadcasters play a variety of music from the 60s to today's popular music. With varied age members in the band, it makes for a fun night of music for everyone.  

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Josh Bowren



Kurt began studying music at a young age. Starting with drums and Guitar. He took his music career through high school and college. Participating and winning several band competitions, he than expanded out to teaching lessons while playing open mic nights.  

Whitney Hunt
Bass/Backup  Vocals

Jeff Decker

Jeff has been in many bands and can play the drums and sing. His musical influences are the Beatles, Chicago, and the Doors.

Denise McLeod


Denise started playing drums and singing when she was 13 years old, and comes from a very  musical family. Her Grandfather played the violin, her Uncle played piano, and father could sing. Her musical influences are Linda Ronstadt, Pat Benetar, Lady Gaga, and Heart. 

Josh has been playing piano since the age of 13. He is self taught and  has the talent to play most songs just by ear. He plays anything from classical to rock. 

Kurt Kieswether


Whitney began playing the standup Bass in the 6th grade. She studied classical music. She also attended
and metaled in several musical competitions including group, duet and solo. She added the electric bass
in high school alongside her standup bass. She has also had the pleasure of studying from the lead bass player from the DSO and Time For Three. She is a Production Coordinator for MNOW.