Jeff Decker - Vocals/Drums

Black and White Photos courtesy: Brad Shaw.

Kurt Keiswether - Guitar/Vocals

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Whitney began playing the standup Bass in the 6th grade. She studied classical music. She also attended and metaled in several musical competitions including group, duet and solo. She added the electric bass in high school alongside her standup bass. She has also had the pleasure of studying from the lead bass player from the DSO and Time For Three. She is a Production Coordinator for MNOW.

Whitney Hunt - Bass/Vocals

Hi we are the Broadcasters Band, we play a large variety of music from 60s rock classics to today's  pop and rock. The Broadcasters Band was formed for the purpose of entertaining and educating our local communities about Media Network of Waterford a non-profit organization the allows community members free media workshops in video production, pod-casting, and music. If you are interested in hiring the Broadcasters for an event call, 248-682-0401 or email us at

Denise McLeod - Drums/Vocals

Josh Bowren - Keyboards

Josh Bowren has been playing the Piano since the age of 11 years old, when his parents gave him a small Casio Keyboard for Christmas.  After playing "When The Saints Go Marching In" Josh realize he had a hidden talent of being able to play by ear. Josh explains it's like whistling through his fingers. His ability to play music 2nds after he hears it, has been an asset to the Broadcasters and adds a unique piano sound to the bands eclectic profile. Josh had served as Executive Director since 2003.

Jeff has played in many bands since high school, he is a drummer/vocalist.

Kurt started playing drums in 4th grade, back in 1975 was the first chair drummer for The Gateway Middle School band and the Maumee High School marching panthers. In 1982 through 1984 he was a member of the glassmen drum and bugle Corps Drumline, he started playing guitar. In 1999 he attended Oakland Community College music teaching degree where he made the Dean's List over three consecutive years 2009 through 2011 he formed several bands through  high school  until now, "I've met 4 of the finest musicians and people I've ever played with in the broadcaster's band, and am looking forward to what the future holds for us as a show band"

Denise started playing the drums and singing at 12 years old, and comes from a musical family with a Grandfather who played violin, and an uncle that played Piano. Denise has a very eclectic background in music but her main influences are Linda Ronstadt, Heart, Queen, Pat Benatar and now Lady Gaga and Pink. " I am loving the opportunity to play with the Broadcasters". Denise is the Operations Manager at Media Network. 

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